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About CrossFit

If you’re new to CrossFit we recommend you start here.

Our definition? CrossFit is high intensity interval training that utilizes a functional training approach. In other words, we’re not interested in making you stronger if you end up losing mobility. And we’re not interested in making you faster if you end up losing strength. CrossFit is about balance. CrossFitter’s aren’t the best at anything, but they’re pretty darn good at everything. We’re interested in helping you build well-rounded fitness so you can get up off the floor, lift a heavy steaming pot off the stove, chase around your kids (and grandkids), and lift that carry-on into the overhead bin with ease. Functional training is about how your fitness level translates into the real world. We promise CrossFit will get you there.

CrossFit essentially turned good ole working out into a sport. So you push yourself harder without realizing you’re doing it. It can look intimidating… but it’s so much fun and completely addicting. Like anything else, finding the right gym and the right coach is key. We just encourage you to try it for yourself at least once.

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